Diablo      Distilleries

  Our moonshine is made from traditional yellow corn, barley, and wheat. The grains are cooked in the mash tun in hot water to break down starches then malted barley and wheat converts the starch into sugars. After starch conversion is completed, the mash is transferred and cooled via a plate chiller into a stainless steel fermenter Once cooled, yeast is added to the mash and, over a few days, converts the sugars to alcohol.  This product is then transferred to the still, and when heat is applied, the condensate is collected. We distill our whisky 5 times to produce a smooth whisky that is truly a sipping whisky. We collect the “hearts”, the smoothest part of the run, and use a small portion of the “heads” and “tails” for flavor. The proof is adjusted to 40% and is ready to bottle! 

Our Process

Moonshine is a distilled spirit that at one time was and is produced illegally and secretly in order to avoid paying hefty taxes. It was often produced at nighttime by the light of the moon to prevent detection by the Federal “revenuers”. During prohibition, it became very popular and profitable. Moonshine is typically not aged in barrels like whiskey, and is therefore typically clear.  However, some moonshine does have added flavorings, such as fruits and spices.

Note: Diablo Distilleries is a completely legal and licensed distillery. We call our whiskey "Shine” as a tribute to the pioneer distillers.

What Is Moonshine?