Kill Devil Dill

1 shot of Hell Hound Shine

​Chase with 1 shot of seedless pickle juice (we prefer the juice from Mt. Olive Dill's) 

Honey Hound

1 shot Hell Hound Shine
1 heaping tsp. Wildflower Honey

Splash of water OR

Splash of Sprite/Ginger Ale (optional)

Hell of Beans (Irish Coffee)

1 part Hell Hound Shine

2 parts Irish Creme

2 parts coffee

Also, try it Iced - we call that  Hell Freezes Over !

Shine-rita (Margarita)

3 parts Margarita mix (We like Mr. T's or Jose Cuervo Low Cal)

2-3 parts Hell Hound Shine

1-1.5 Orange Liquer or Triple Sec

Squeeze an Orange Slice

Salt Rim (optional)

Lime Garnish (optional)

Drinks & Recipes

Diablo      Distilleries

Bloody Hell, Mary

Dash of lemon and lime juice
Healthy portion of Worcestershire sauce
Few dashes of Tabasco sauce
1 tsp of horseradish
Add 2 shot of Hell Hound Shine
Pour over ice
​Fill rest of glass with Clamato juice
Dust with lemon pepper and celery salt
​Enjoy with a few celery sticks and a crispy piece of bacon!

The Deep South Cosmo

2 shots Hell Hound Shine

1/2 shot Triple Sec

3/4 shot Cranberry Juice

1/2 shot Lime Juice


Garnish with Orange and maraschino cherries

Bluetick Hound

1/4 cup Blueberries

Sprig of Rosemary or 2 hop pellets (available at home-brew supply stores)

Muddled with 2 shots Charon's Oak Shine

Strain over ice and top with Ginger Ale